Join The Brigade

When you join the Brigade of the American Revolution, you join a legacy of authenticity and a welcoming community that is unrivaled anywhere else. In the Brigade, units are not just joined together for a legislative purpose, but are joined together for pooled resources, research, and most importantly, community.

*If you would prefer to mail in your application and check, please download our mail-in application.


An Open Invitation to All Brigade Events

The Brigade has successfully put on over a hundred living history events since its foundation. With annual events such as School of Instruction, as well as events like Battle of Short Hills and East Jersey Old Town, the Brigade has quality events and programs for everyone.

Research and Education

Education is at the core of what the Brigade does; this means to educate the public as well as ourselves. With top researchers and historians contributing to the Brigade Dispatch, a monthly online lecture series, and workshops, the Brigade offers many opportunities to further your own education as a reenactor and historian.

Insurance and Safety

At all official Brigade events, all members fall under the Brigade Insurance Policy. Protecting our members, the public, and the sites we work with is our number one priority. This is why the Brigade enforces strict safety regulations across all of our units, promoting coherency and communication which result in increased safety.

Individual and Unit Membership

The Brigade has many fantastic units already registered as BAR units, however, if you do not want to join a specific unit, one can join as a civilian. This allows the benefits of membership and community while obtaining independence if that is one’s desire. It also allows sutlers to join as individual businesses which secures them prime space at the Brigade events.

Courier and Dispatch

The Brigade Courier, six issues a year, is a newsletter for the Brigade, containing timely information, event details, ads, news and general tidbits of interest to the membership. In addition, households receive The Brigade Dispatch quarterly. The flagship periodical of the Brigade, this scholarly journal covers topics of the 18th century from overviews to “how- to” articles for the practical application in living history.


All of this and more is made available to members for annual dues of $25 for the first member of a household, plus $5 for each additional member in the same household over the age of 16. All under 16 years of age are free.